PayPal Working Capital

I have a PayPal Merchant Account and along with this a PayPal Working Capital Loan Account, where 30% of each sale through PayPal is used to repay the loan.

I have a set up my PayPal account and used the automated feeds and have noticed that the following is happening.
The full payment comes in from the customer without the fees being shown as a debit, instead of the fees being shown as a debit, it is displaying just the 30% taken from PayPal to repay my PayPal Working Capital loan, what I expected to see is

Payment from customer as a credit
PayPal fees as a debit
PayPal working Capital repayment as a debit

Hope this all makes sense

Unfortunately no one other than PayPal can change the way their feed shows Ins and outs.

Hi @Ameiva

I’ll send you a private message as I’d like to take a look at the data that we get sent to us by PayPal. You should see a green notification in the top right corner shortly.

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