Payroll - HMRC rebate for Employees

Hi There
I was wondering if someone can help.
I need to pay a HMRC rebate to an employee.
How do I account for this in Quickfile?
What do I tag it too?

Are you running any payroll software? Is this a tax rebate?

The journals posted would depends on what the rebate is comprised of, e.g. tax, NI etc.

Hi Glen
Our accountant is running Sage Payroll for this.
It states PAYE Tax then a minus value on the payslip.
There is no NI involved.

I believe the rebate would typically be posted as net staff salaries, you only ever pay employees net figures after tax and NI. You would then post a journal to adjust the company’s PAYE and NI liabilities to HMRC.

I’m not an accountant so would not be able to advise you on how this should go into your accounts, I’m sure your accountant would however be able to assist you with this.

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