Payroll in Quickfile?

Are there any plans to allow payroll generation from Quickfile at all? We are trying to decide on whether to integrate with QF or not for our EPOS solution and this is probably one of the key gaps that I can see in what is there at present. Integration with Real Time Payments would be the icing on the cake!

There are no current plans to develop Payroll internally. We do however integrate with The Payroll Site and we are planning to integrate with more third party payroll systems in 2014.

Payroo by any chance? The Payrollsite is not a preference given its chargable.

Yep, concur with Alistair re Payroo, just to get our vote in!


Glen… are you able to confirm if you will be integrating with these guys and if so when?

@Joe requested further information regarding their API last week. It’s more than likely going to be down to PayRoo to integrate with our systems, the payroll is getting processed their end so the idea is that they will be pushing the nominal adjustments to Quick File. This is how The Payroll Site works, we already have the API method for this.

Apologies for the delay in returning to this thread, I’ve chased them up today and they’re not very forthcoming, they said they would review our request and let us know if they are interested in integrating with Quick File.

Hi Glen,

Any further updates on integration with other Payroll Software?

is another free one for upto 3 employees.


Hi @Raj

There hasn’t been any progress here unfortunately, but if there is any news to share, we’ll certainly share it here.

Regarding BrightPay, I reached out to them a few months back on behalf of a QuickFile user regarding importing data (although not related to a full integration, just export and import of data). Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for a response.

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I also use brightpay (20 employees) so it would be great if this could be done in the near future.

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