Payroll processing


I am using the The Payroll Site to run pay roll and then linking it to quickfile which works OK.

I now need to record the actual payments from the bank account and show them as paid in qucikfile how do I do this?

Create the payment out from the bank, and tag it as ‘Salaries and other drawings’ and select ‘Payee Salary (PAYE)’. The Payroll site should do the rest.

When I create the entry in the bank section is appears to duplicate the entry made by the payroll site

The Payroll site shouldn’t be putting a transaction in your bank account - it should only journal the money from one nominal code to another (for things like PAYE).

Where are you seeing the duplicate entry?

Its not putting an entry in the bank account.

I created the entry in the bank account to record the payment, this results in a duplication in entries and does not reduce the liability.

This is a screen shot of the duplication