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Pdf imports not proper in ReceiptHub


I noticed that for a while now the invoices printed with Cutedpdf straight into the DropBox folder for QF imports is importing them as a small print in the corner of an A4.

I believe this to be an issue with QF import, not Cutepdf as everything else printed with Cutepdf (to save) as pdf works just fine.

Plus, it used to work perfectly until recently.

Could you please look into this to fix?

Many thanks

Hello @OvidiuS

We don’t alter the files in any way.

Can you try it please and check the file before adding it to Dropbox?

I tried, and the only issue I have is with QF.

If I do it just to save the file it works just fine

If the PDF is fine before moving it into Dropbox, could you please move the file into the Dropbox folder and view it at dropbox.com before it’s imported into QuickFile?

We don’t edit any files when importing them (other than moving them to show they have been imported, but this is a simple move and rename). If the PDF file itself is affected I would suspect it’s something else - either the PDF generator or Dropbox. Although I’ve never come across Dropbox editing PDFs before.

Will check and get back to you (if needed) - thanks


What this generally is is the PDF generator (which could also be a scan to PDF function on a scanner/multifunction device or phone etc) creating an emtpy file and building the document/image on the fly. Dropbox sees the file created, uploads it, Quickfile sees the file and grabs it then the generator updates/creates the content and edits the file which Dropbox syncs but Quickfile ignores.

Nothing is “at fault” as such, it’s just the way some things work. If Quickfile could add a delay (optional of course) then this might prevent the issue in future?

When a file is uploaded Dropbox sends us a notification but we don’t act on it straight away. We pull them in every few minutes. So there may be a delay between the upload and it appearing in your account anyway. But nonetheless, what you described could certainly be happening, more so if the file is created before the sync and updated afterwards.

What’s the delay on this? I have a scanner send documents straight to a Dropbox folder but sometimes I only get half the image uploaded to Quickfile. Maybe Dropbox is doing something too, maybe syncing back the half created file once the scanner finishes updating it? I only see it happen once every now and again so I have never looked too far into it.

Hi @Lurch

So every 2 minutes we process any pending files. It could mean that if a document is created at, for example, 09:59:59, then it could be uploaded and processed by QuickFile. If it’s then modified at 10:00:30, then we may have already processed it.

Hope that makes sense?

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