Pending VAT Returns all in one go

I have VAT due for last three terms, i am trying to submit now.
when i tried to submit VAT, it was showing for all duration, so i thought to submit quarter by quarter, in order to do that, it asked me to change the VAT start date on VAT settings, so i did chase the date, VAT reflected correctly for the period - 1 August 2020 to 31 October 2020. did submit the VAT to HMRC.
now i am trying to submit older period, but it is not allowing me.
Can someone guide me on this please?

can i submit all pending VAT in one go or i need to submit pending ones one after the other?

You need to submit the quarters in chronological order, earliest first. The way QuickFile operates, when you go to prepare a VAT return it includes all items that are

  • dated on or after your configured vat start date, and
  • dated on or before the end of the relevant vat period, and
  • not already accounted for in a submitted return

This is by design, as it ensures that anything you enter late (dated during a period you’ve already submitted) can be entered in your accounts as its true date and will be automatically pulled into the next available return. But it does mean that if you have several returns outstanding you have to work from the oldest to newest in order.

What you’ll need to do now is first make a note of the values for the return you’ve already submitted, then “roll back” that return in QuickFile. This doesn’t affect what’s already been sent to HMRC.

Now reset your VAT start date to the start of the earliest period you need to file, and work forwards through the periods until you reach the one you have already submitted and then rolled back. At this point you’ll have to go to your QuickFile VAT settings and disable online filing, then you’ll be able to save the already-submitted return, making sure the numbers agree with what you originally sent. Now you can re enable online filing ready for the next quarter.

Why would you do newest first? Surely you’d do oldest first.

This was done as error. Now i am trying to rest VAT start date but system is not allowing me to reset. How do i rollback?

Reports → VAT returns, click the “view” link for the return in question and there should be a “roll back” button at the bottom.

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Thank you Ian, it works
Now i will work to submit the rest.

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Won’t disabling online filing be something you’d do at the beginning here, as the 3rd quarter already submitted will be all 3 quarters submitted already so you wouldn’t want to submit Q1 and Q2 again?

I had a similar issue when I first used Quickfile (accountant kept telling me to do things wrong!) so I submitted the missing quarters but made adjustments to make each submitted return zero. The overall VAT for the multiple periods still totalled the same, checked with HMRC and they allowed it.

The way I read the original post, they’d set their start date to the beginning of “Q3” in order to make the numbers correct for that quarter, but that had left the earlier quarters still pending.

Ah you might be right there.

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