Percentage discount to selected items?

Is ti possible to get the ability to add percentage discount to only certain items rather that whole invoice? as sometimes i supply parts but also services the parts are charged at price to me i don’t make profit on them but i do add discounts on the services but i don’t want to add it to parts as well

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This is not something we are planning to implement. When we developed the percentage discount option we made a decision to implement this at invoice level as it would benefit most users who are applying discounts to the whole invoice without needing to use a calculator. I can’t find the discussion thread right now but this was covered.

You can still apply discounts to specific items by adding a negative line underneath and posting it to the same nominal code.

We have the same issue but generally I prefer to show discounts as a line item on the invoice. I have created several inventory items to cover standard discounts.

From our point of view a “nice to have” rather than essential feature would be the ability to create a multi line inventory item which would cover any case where a discount or a service was regularly applied to that item.

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