Percentage of amount paid claimed back

Hello again guys,

I’ve been reading the knowledge base but am still a little confused as to what/why/how I claim back certain things that I use both for my business and as a sole trader. For example; my mobile. I pay £22 for my contract which is predominantly used for my business, but I do use it for personal use eg sending texts, reading the news, twitter etc. How much do I claim?

Also, I pay £85 for my electricity and gas, each month, but use my lighting in the kitchen ( I make fudge) and gas to cook with for my business. Again, how much do I claim? I’m wanting this to be on a recurring loop.

In addition, broadband is £43 as a package for it, the phone, the line rental, the tv, but I only use the phone for personal use, but broadband (which I think is £10 per month) is again predominantly for business use. For this, how much do I claim?

A brilliant site guys, I’m learning so much, and find it really fulfilling to do so: many thanks. Thanks also for your anticipated answers!

If you’re a sole trader then in general you just enter the portion that you want to claim relief on into QuickFile. How much you can claim for these sorts of split expenses is not something I could comment on, the HMRC guidelines around these sorts of things can be quite complex.

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I’ve just been looking at this and I found these examples to make it reasonably clear and set me on the right track.

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