Performa Invoice API

Hi Team,

As per my business model, I am in need to create PERFORMA INVOICE (Estimate) for my sales and purchase both.
Could you please help with available default API to integrated in my application.

Aashish Choubey

Hello @Aashish

Would I be correct in thinking you’re using estimates on QuickFile for this, and just renamed them?

If so, you can use the Invoice_Create function and just specify the document type as Estimate

Thank for your help, its worked for me.
Since, I have created ESTIMATE, I am in need of below listed actions afterwards against required ESTIMATE.

  1. Accepting (to make that estimate a final Invoice)
  2. Declining /Deleting (So that no action could be done in future for that Estimate)

Could you please help me with API to action for both of above listed scenario.

In addition, I have checked an available API i.e (

But, it throwing error as follows

If this API is not applicable, then please suggest me the correct one.

Aashish Choubey

Hi @Aashish

Apologies for the issue with the Estimate_AcceptDecline documentation; this has now been resolved.

To create an estimate you still use the Invoice_Create endpoint, but specify the document type as ESTIMATE rather than INVOICE

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