Period Locked

Hello, I ran the Year End Process so accounts are locked for period. However, I now see a nominal code error in one of the last journals in the period but cannot modify: ‘This journal is in a locked period and cannot be modified. If you need to modify this journal please check and remove any year-end journals that are locking this period’.

1- Please could you unlock period?
2- Once unlocked then I guess I run the Year End Process again?

My account number is 6131551083

Hi @Jon_G,

Have you deleted the journal for the year end?

Hello Beth, No I haven’t yet as didn’t want to delete something that I shouldn’t.
If I delete ‘Year end journal - 31/12/2020’ then I can make adjustments and run the Year End Process again?

Hi @Jon_G,

Yes, the year end journal is what is causing the lock, so you’ll need to remove this make your adjustments and then you can re-run

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