Personal / Non Business Purchases on Business Card / Company Credit Card

Due to technical (useless website!) reasons I recently had to make a personal purchase using the business (Ltd) card.
All CC transactions are held in a CC account and the current account, card pay off is allocated to it in the normal way. How do I debit the DL account for the amount of the card purchase.


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Firstly all CC transactions should be held only on the credit card bank account on Quick File, then when you make a payment to the CC from your Business account, this should be tagged as a transfer to the the Credit Card.

With regards to personal transactions on the business card, all you need to do is simply tag all personal purchases as a transfer to the relevant Director’s Loan Account (DLA).

Yep that’s how I manage the CC transactions - I just explained it badly!

Tagged it as a transfer to DLA as suggested, Thanks for your help!