Petty Cash Account numbers don't add up properly

I have entered a number of transactions into 2 accounts - one for our Current Account, which works fine, and one for a Petty Cash Account - this is problematic. With the Petty Cash Account, when it goes over a page on the QuickFile screen, the numbers don’t add up properly, so that the wrong subtotal is carried forward from one screen to another, so that the totals at the end are quite wrong. This seems to be an arithmetic problem with the QuickFile screen display … I downloaded each screen, screen by screen, and exported each screen’s data to Excel, then used Excel to add up the individual transactions, which gave a correct total, so the individual transaction lines are all separately correct, but QuickFile is totally them wrongly when carrying from one screen to another. This problem is so bad that it means that I now cannot trust QuickFile to show the correct totals, so we will have to stop using Quickfile. This is sad, as I really like QuickFile, it is easy to use, and easy to navigate around. I would be very interested to know if anyone else has the same problem, or if there is something simple I can do to correct this error. Thanks a lot, Liz

I’ve not heard of any such problems, I don’t believe any changes have been made here for quite some time.

I will send you a PM to get some more information from you.

Are you 100% sure the opening balance is correct? Is this sub total out by the same amount from screen to screen?

Hi Peter - The file is In the Petty Cash Account, when it goes from one page to another, QuickFile does not carry forward the correct amount, making the totals meaningless. The individual transactions are all correct; the starting balance is correct. When I export all the transactions page by page to Excel, then add up all the columns in Excel, Excel adds up the columns correctly - using the same data downloaded from QuickFile… The totals that QuickFile carries forward from page to page seem to differ dependent on whether there are 20 lines per page, 30 lines per page, etc - which doesn’t make sense either. Unfortunately this makes QuickFile unusable for us unless it adds up the figures correctly - at the risk of stating the obvious! Would appreciate any help you can give to correct this. Thanks, Liz

Hi Lurch - See other reply I just posted to Peter also. The opening balance is correct. The sub total error varies dependent on the number of lines per page - which doesn’t make sense either. Thanks, Liz

@lizchoo55 - I don’t seem to have a sub total on my screen, just a balance, which is correct.

Or are you looking at the chart of accounts? If you are looking at the chart of accounts, the totals at the bottom will reflect only the time period you have selected at the top.

Also bear in mind, that if you are looking at the chart of accounts, everything is in reverse (i.e. a debit is a credit)

On the account you mention you have an opening balance set as 1st June 2014, but you have transactions before and after this. I’m sure this will mess up the flow of the running balance calculations, I have seen this before.

Can you move the OB to 05/12/2013 so it predates the earliest entry, that should fix things.


I changed that for you and it looks fine now.

Thank you Glenn ! All sorted now!!

Many thanks Liz