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Petty Cash project

I have set up a project in petty cash paying 2 people with purchase records. How do you get a total at the bottom please? I have the petty cash a/c total, but I want a total expenditure total for these two people. Tagging multiple invoices doesn’t total at the bottom, it just lists them all.

You could export the data into a spreadsheet and total it that way.

I’m not 100% sure on what it is you’re trying to total to be able to offer any more advice - are you trying to find the total for the project?

Yes, Basically I am paying a sort of wage to 2 people, and i just want a total paid at the bottom of the project. I have noticed that with anything, whether it is petty cash or display of invoices from a supplier, you get all the invoices up, but you don’t get a total at the bottom. On the projects, it lists the invoices or whatever tagged, but there still is no total. Thanks Beth

Hi, any ideas?


If you go to Reports > Projects chose which project you’d like to look at then click View Detail you can then View the Tagged items, so all invoices, just the paid invoices etc.

When you view these there should be a little total at the top right in grey.

Hi Beth, thanks for getting back. No little total at top in grey, just a little help ? sign.

For example you should be able to see this when you’re viewing the list of tagged invoices

Hi Beth, Yes i agree that the total of lets say petty cash is there, what i have done is to create a project to list all of specific payments made to an individual that comes from petty cash. When I go to the list of invoices in the projects tool, there is no total. That is where i want it to appear. For instance, if we had a builder on the farm who i was paying out of petty cash, i would create a project specifically for him, listing his invoices, but I would want a total at the bottom for my records, not a total of petty cash. Thanks, Donducébjonos

If he is giving you invoices then just view his account under Purchase > View suppliers. You can then see the total of his invoices, paid/unpaid, money owed etc. If you go to View > Statements you can get a statement of all account activity on one document.

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Thanks for that. Will do.

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