Plan for self-assessment tax returns?

Is there a plan for Quickfile to offer any connection to HMRC for the purpose of self-assessment/ any further self-assessment support?

I’m self-employed and wondering whether Quickfile will support all my needs or if i’d have to do things manually?

Hi @thecharleskerr

As Making Tax Digital is rolled out by HMRC, then we will aim to add as much support for this as possible. Self assessment is part of this, but unfortunately there’s no time frame as of yet.

Hi @QFMathew thanks for your reply.

If I was to use QuickFile now (with its current feature set) for running my self-employed business and doing an HMRC self assessment, how would that work?

At the present time, you would have to submit your Self Assessment with HMRC, or get an accountant to do it on your behalf (which you can arrange through QuickFile).

Hi thecharleskerr,
In my case, I use the figures from my quickfile account and transfer them to my HMRC Self-Assessment Account and do my self assessment on my own on the HMRC website. It is pretty straight forward. But as I said, I my case. And if I have a question about something, the people here are very helpful.

Hi @rhc thanks for your reply! This is my first time doing this, so what figures do you take from Quickfile to HMRC?

Love to know a little more about the process you follow when doing your accounts or any recommended guidance you have :slight_smile:

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