Please make rule suggestions editable


The theory of the “create a rule” feature when tagging a sale is invaluable.

But that value is then completely lost by deciding on the user’s behalf what the rule should be and then getting it wrong every time.

Please can you make it possible for users to edit the string that needs to be matched?

Another thing to consider, since an additional column was added to the bank tagging rules “Status”, if a rule is set-up directly from the bank transaction the result in the bank tagging is a rule that is inactive as showing as an orange flag “requires manual confirmation”, so another reason why the creation from a bank transaction is not very effective. But the method does create an aide-mémoire for later review.

I suppose the recent changes maybe a positive move as the new pending rule can be checked against "“Match Text Saved! We found ?? matching transactions” . This allows for amending the description that @fambi has requested direct from the bank transaction, but there is no facility directly from the bank transction to do this check, after verifying that the rule does not create additional items being dealt by the tagging rule, then the rule can be activated, flag green.

The description “Create a rule to process matching transactions in the same way” could have a redraft to reflect the fact the rule will be created but not active; “Create a rule to process matching transactions (requires switching on in tagging)”. Well something like that.