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PLEASE NOTE: This return was not submitted to HMRC

Hi there,

I have MTD linked/connected/reconnected my VAT number at hmrc.

I calculated VAT but cannot submit it, QF says:
Your VAT return has been saved on QuickFile. PLEASE NOTE: This return was not submitted to HMRC , Please ensure that the relevant information is passed onto HMRC before the deadline.
The status is saved, but how to submit it?
What is wrong previously without MTD it just worked very smoothly.
Please advise ASAP, THANKS

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That suggests you didn’t have the “submit electronically” checkbox ticked when you saved the return. You should just be able to roll back the return, tick that box and submit again.

hi @csab70,

I have removed your screenshots from public view as they contain your account number and other data.

If the Status is showing as SAVED then it has not been SUBMITTED. You will need to make sure that “enable online filing” is ticked in your VAT settings. If this is not ticked then there is no way for the return to be submitted electronically.

Where you see Submitted and a date and time - this is just where you pressed save on your return and it has submitted to QuickFile.

Apologies for any confusion - please let us know if you are still having problems with sending your return to HMRC.

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Hi all.

  1. THX for your answer
    Well, I just enrolled to use the service at tax.service.gov.uk.
    Waiting for this email : “We will send you an email within 72 hours to confirm. Do not submit a VAT Return during this time.”
    I already granted QF to accept MTD request.
    I keep you posted

All good now. THX4ALL!
I was not enrolled officially, now I have email from HMRC to accept MTD requests.
And VAT calculation has MTD blue flag, so it looks good.

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