Posting of subcontractor invoices/cis payments

Wonder if you can help me. There’s a question that’s been asked before on this forum about cis but I’m afraid I don’t understand the answer. We’re a limited company and regularly receive invoices from subcontractors (some with vat, some without, although not sure that’s relevant to this), the payment relating to which I have to deduct cis tax and pay it over to HMRC each month. I’m not worried at this stage having this calculated for me as I can do all that’s necessary manually, off Quickfile. But I just want to ensure that our accounts on Quickfile remain in good order. So, can I post each subcontractor invoice in ‘purchases’ as normal showing the full invoice amount (then just tag the cis payment on the bank statement in order to show what it is, with Quickfile cleverly reconciling everything so I don’t have to show any cleverness at all - this would be good), or do I have to post it showing the full amount less the cis tax, then deal with the cis payment in some other way?
Thanks a lot.

As you know CIs is on labour only before vat
You need to record full invoice from sub-contractor as usual and then log two payments, one net of cis to main bank account and another one of CIS amount in a separate bank called CIS control a/c, you can create this new bank account. This will give you total you need to pay at any time and end of month you can tag one full payout from your main bank account to this CIS control a/c at time of paying HMRC

When I set up the new separate bank account, presumably I put CIS control a/c in the ‘account name’ section, but it also asks for a ‘bank name’, ‘account name’, ‘account number’, ‘sort code’ etc. Do I fill these in?

no need to fill in all details just account name and tick option show on dashboard

Sorry to continue this. I’ve set up the new bank account called CIS control a/c. I’ve then gone back to the first subcontractor invoice that I’ve recorded in purchases in order to log the payment. So I’ve logged a part-payment (ie the payment ex cis tax) as having been paid from the current account on whatever date we electronically paid it to the subcontractor. I’m now trying to log the cis tax payment part of that invoice. So do I log that as coming from the CIS control a/c?And should it be dated the date of the payment to the subcontractor or the date the cis tax was paid over to HMRC?

date paid to subcontractor, CIS control a/c is for your internal control, you can do both entries at same time while you are paying subcontractor

Thanks very much. I’ve done that now.