Posting payments on account

Just trying out Quickfile and I can’t work out how to post a payment on account. I’ve set up an account and created an invoice for £35. I’ve created a payment of £70 and assigned £35 as a prepayment so the Client Data account Balance should read £35 but it reads zero. Surely I should have a balance of -£35?

Hi gillinger,

From where do you create a payment and assign £35 as a prepayment?

In the client view there’s a box which says Account Credit(?) and button saying Add Credit. I thought by filling in that section it would allocate a POA. Looking at it again I see it’s actually added another payment so I’ve now got double the amount as a credit. I’ve been using Sage Instant Accounts and in that there is a wizard for Posting Payments on Account and then another wizard to Allocate a POA. I can’t see where to do this in Quickfile.

I create the payment via the Bank Account page, then tag the payment to the invoice. When you click on the Tag Me button, click on “payment to a supplier”, then use the option to “Pay down mutliple purchases or assign to a supplier account”, input the Supplier’s name in the box which should pop up as you type. At the bottom of Supplier Payment box click on “Payment on account (assign later)” then save. You should then see the invoice as paid and a balance of £35.00 on the account.

This also works for clients assigning a payment on account (sorry I thought it was for a supplier). Still use the tagging from the bank account and it will say “payment from a client”. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks for the reply - sorry, I should have made it clear that this is payment FROM a customer not out to a supplier. Luckily, I haven’t gone “live” yet!

It is basically the same procedure, just different names. I hope this helps.

Here are the steps that you would normally take, based on what you’re trying to do.

  1. Create the invoice (don’t pay it down)
  2. Return to the client detail screen.
  3. Now add a credit for the full £70 (as you did before), you now have £70 sitting on the client account.
  4. Return to the invoice and click “Log a Payment”.
  5. You should see a yellow bar to pay from credit, this should also show the £70 available on account.
  6. Once assigned you can return to the client detail screen and see any balance on account left over.

Hope that helps!


Another way that will work with fewer steps is to just create the invoice, click to log a payment and over pay it. Anything above and beyond the value of the invoice get’s allocated against the client account anyway.

Many thanks - I*'ll give it a go!

Also if you go to the client detail screen, click the view button then “All payments” you can see two payments on there. I think just deleting the second unallocated one will fix everything up for you.

Thanks, Glenn. I’m still finding my way around, trying to match what I did in Sage to what’s on here. I’m beginning to see its a lot simpler on here!

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