Power Subscription - Cancellation


Our power subsciption needs to be renewed, however, I don’t think we need it any more and don’t feel we are over quota for leger entries.

Can the support team help me with this please?

If you are below the 1000 threshold then there’s nothing to do - subscriptions don’t auto renew so you can just let it expire. You’ll lose the power user features but you won’t lose access unless you’re still classed as L or XL.

I believe the 1000 leger entries is over 12 months though isn’t it?

I don’t feel we have gone over that amount. Are leger entries based of just invoices created or transactions in and out of the business?

Thanks for your help!

Hello @Matt01

I have sent you a private message relating to this.

Note that a ‘transaction’ (eg. sales or purchase invoice) creates several ledger entries, particularly if you’re registered for VAT, and other actions like tagging bank transactions to other accounts, or journals like year end journal, create them too.

You can see exactly how many entries you made and on what dates by going to Account Settings / Company Settings / Basic Settings and on the line Account Size it shows the number of entries in the last 12 months. Then clicking the ‘magnifying glass’ icon will show a list of how many in each ledger and a list of how many on each date, from which you can easily check if you’re in danger of going over the threshold.

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