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Power User level reached?

I began using Quickfile a couple of years ago and have only had 170 sales in this time.
I have less than 600 transactions (invoices & sales total) recorded in the last 12 months but am being asked to pay £45 for Power User upgrade. Is this correct, please?

Hi @SP-Brewery

The count is based on nominal ledger entries, which includes journals, bank entries, sales invoices and purchase invoices. In short - if it affects your profit and loss, o’r balance sheet, it will be counted.

It’s calculated on a rolling 12 months basis by the date the entry was made, rather than when it took place. For example, an entry for 2016 entered yesterday would be counted in the current 12 month period.

If you haven’t already, you can defer the notification for the subscription. During this time, if you go to Account Settings >> Company Settings, you will see the nominal count, with an option to view a breakdown too.

Hope this helps!

Each sales or purchase invoice creates at least two or three nominal entries, and when you mark it as paid that creates another two, so the numbers add up quicker than you expect.

Many thanks for the explanation.
Still seems £45 well spent. :blush:


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