Power User payment issues

Good afternoon,

I’m attempting to upgrade to Power User but the payment system has failed numerous times, even using different payment methods.
Please can you help?


Gino Kerekes

Hi @Brookers

Sorry to hear about this.

We’re aware of some issues with Worldpay at the moment which is likely to be the cause of the issue.

@Brookers - this should now be fine. Would you mind retrying please?

Wonderful, all sorted,
Thank you

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Hi Mathew,
Bit of a problem. I’ve had 5 payments leave my account now, one from yesterday, four in quick succession this afternoon.

Actual payments or is your bank one of those that lists un-cleared card authorisations as if they were completed payments? If the latter it may be that the duplicates drop off in the next few days when the authorisations expire.

Hi @Brookers

As @ian_roberts rightfully says, the payments should reverse. These are failed transactions from Worldpay, who we use to process card payments.

The advise from Worldpay on this, is they should be reversed by them and they’re working to do this as quickly as possible.

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