Power User Subscription as Affinity Client

You may remember I recently enquired about some features disappearing when linked to an Affinity account. I am now looking at purchasing a power user subscription but notice that this also is missing.

I know you mentioned not applying the Affinity white labelling features to established Quickfile accounts added to an Affinity account at a later date which I assume would take care of this. Is this something that is still on the planner? If so is there an ETA, or a workaround?

You can order the Power User Subscription on any Affinity account using the following link, just switch the “yourcompany” part on the link.


We do have an “owner” flag that tells us if a QF account was originally created from an Affinity account or was added later (as is the case with your account I believe). I think what we’ll do is just bring back the menu for those cases where the account was connected to Affinity at a later point.

Any problems let me know!

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