Pre acceptance notification supplementary pages

We have been looking into use of supplementary pages to append and approve Terms and Conditions.
I have a couple of questions:

thge Notification pop up box which appears with supplementary pages to invoicses seems to work when viewed on a desktop - However when clicking through on mobile (android) the confirmation request pop up box does not appear? Unless I’m missing something this seems like a bug and a flaw that would be shortcutted? Can this be fixed please or let me know if i’ve missed something.

Is there any way to record the selection of this to be recorded formally / officially eg in same way as there is a digital signatures work? so we can legally state the T&C’s have been approved on X date / time etc?


Hi @pmlarc

We don’t currently support digital signatures or similar, but an entry would be made in your event log of them accepting the estimate, including date, time and a link to the person (based on their login, which may be from a link you’ve sent them).

I will investigate the acceptance notice on mobiles and come back to you.

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