Prepayment in last financial year

We have a customer who paid a month in advance for dog walking on the 4th of April into our business account. I have only started using Quickfile for 2014 - 2015 and am not sure how to show this payment? They paid for 8 walks in the month, 2 of these fall into last years accounts and the remaining fall into this years. Help!

tag receipt as payment on account, raise two weeks invoice in last month and rest in current period

Am sorry but I don’t understand. I have added the invoices on Quickfile for this year so how do I mark them as paid?

If they paid in your last financial year (and before you started using QuickFile), you could modify their account and enter the prepayment amount as their opening balance. When you raise their next invoice, it should allow you to pay it using account credit.

I may be wrong however, so someone please feel free to correct me.

Either way, hope this helps

Hi … I tried this but it just added an invoice for the amount they prepayed. It took the opening balance as an amount owing not a credit.

When you open the customer file, there is an option bottom right to add credit. I added it there and hope it is ok. Thanks for all the help.