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Prepayments + Overdue Remainder = PROBLEMS


I have huge problem (I have lost customer)

Some group of my clients are paying me each week for invoice which is automatically created. Most of them is paying automatically (standing order, etc) but few of them always forget so I have setup REMAINDER. When payment is made is also target to the client PREPAYMENTS


  1. They pay
  2. Payment is TAGED
  3. Payment is located to the client
  4. Client is informed that he didn’t pay
    REASON: Prepayments is not located to the Invoice.

Everything is made automatically so why I have to come back each day for XXXX numbers of clients and transfer each payment from PREPAYMENTS to INVOICE?

Can this be fixed as my company at the moment lost 3 clients and lots of £££££££££
Something what should help me and save my time is making BIG problem.

At the moment I have turn OFF overdue remainder but i have to follow manually if every of my clients is paying off his bills.

I hope you find this helpful.


Hi @Adam_Domagala

I’m sorry to hear about this.

The system looks for any invoices with an outstanding balance an generate the reminder based on this. What may be best is to enable the reminders but turn off auto send. This allows you to review all reminders and send them manually (just a few clicks) rather than us automatically sending them.

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