Previous year bank posting in this year - how to remove

New Quickfile Account , Some Duplicated Bank postings in previous accounts on another system & same posting this year on Quickfile. How to remove these from Quickfile.


I just want to be sure I understand your query correctly - you have duplicated entries on your bank statement view and wish to remove them.

Is that correct?

Yes, from this financial year which for the first time has been posted in Quickfile

To delete lines in your bank statement, you can either delete an individual line using the red ‘X’ at right hand side of it, or tick multiple boxes and click ‘Delete Selected’:

If the transactions are untagged, then they will simply be removed. If they are tagged, that action will be reversed, for example, if it’s tagged to an invoice, the invoice will become unpaid (and therefore shown as due). I’m assuming that because they are duplicates, you shouldn’t have this issue.

VAT analysis is also involved

Are you on cash or accrual accounting for VAT?
Have you submitted any VAT returns based on the duplicate entries?

Yes, it is on Cash Accounting

NO, as no returns have been submitted

If no returns have been submitted, you can safely delete the entries from your bank account and the VAT return on QuickFile will automatically adjust based on this.

Thanks, I will give it a go and see if I am successful