Print a copy of an email saved in email log

Hi, I have a dispute with a client and need to show a copy of the email sent with the invoice on January 2017. The email appears in the email log but the only option to print it seems to be printing a screen capture. As the email is longer than the box showing it, the full text would not appear in the print out.

Any idea on how to get the full text of the email to print

Hi @IdaB

If you right click the View link and open it in a new tab or window, this will display the email on its own

Left click on “View” displays an i-frame and right click opens a new windows or tab. In either case it shows a box containing only the part of the message that fits in the box. If the message is longer than the box you need to scroll down to see the rest of the message. In this case it will never show the full message. A print out prints a screenshot showing only the part of the message that is viewed at that moment.

Sorry, when I tried this I was using a mobile device so it looked all OK. Now I’ve managed to test it in the office I can see the issue.

There is a way around this, but it may require you to be a bit technical.

If when viewing the email in a new tab or window, you press F12, and then select Elements. Look for a line starting with:

<div id="blob-content" class="general"...

Double click where you see ‘max-height: 400px;’ and delete that and the overflow-y part, and press ‘Enter’ to save it. That should reveal the whole email for you (see clip below).

I will however pass this to our development team. I can’t make any promises that anything will change, but that should hopefully help you print a full copy of the invoice.

Please let me know if you need further help with this.

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