Printing invoices via a eprint solution

When a invoice is created I would like one copy to go to be emailed to my customer and another copy emailed to my HP eprinter via a email address, is this possible?

If I add the printers email address to the invoice recipients the printer will just print the customer logo email on the actual pdf invoice.



Hello @clearviewcompanies

The option you’ve mentioned is the only way to achieve this at the moment, however I understand your issue here.

I’ve experienced this myself with a Kodak (albeit this was some time ago), and I recall an option to print only the attachments. Providing the PDF is attached to the email, the Kodak would print the invoice without any issues. I’m unsure if this is an option for your HP printer, but it may be worth contacting HP or posting to their own support site to see if this is an option?

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