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Problem allocating an over payment

I am having a problem with allocation with one supplier. I overpaid 4 invoices on 1/6/20 by 0.60p and left this on their account.
I made another payment yesterday covering 6 invoices, a credit and I underpaid the total by 0.60p.

After canceling off the paid invoices I am left with one invoice of £561.00, a prepayment of £560.40 and a total of -0.60p
It all balances but I can’t clear them.

Can you help?

Hi @baldrick

Can I just clarify - is this on an invoice that you’re seeing this, or are you seeing it somewhere else?

Hi Matthew, It is showing on the suppliers record and I can’t allocate a payment that is 60p less than an invoice as it does not seem to take into account the 60p overpaid earlier.

If it were me, I’d have paid 60p off of the invoice using the account credit. Then I would have tagged the payment out to the invoice.

Thanks Paul but it will not give me the option to use the 0.60p against anything. It just remains as a -.60p on the total owing

Yes because I don’t think you did it correctly.

When you over paid, it would have gave you the option to put the 60p on Account.

Then when the new 6 invoices were entered you should have gone in to one of them and logged a payment using the account credit of 60p.

Then go back to your bank transactions and tag the payment as pay down multiple invoices, and then select the 6 to pay down.

Yes Paul, I think you are correct. Should I delete that payment completely and start again?

Still struggling with this one. Deleted all payments and repayed and I still can’t clear it. Is it possible to direct mail or a quick word

So you have £0.60 prepayment on the account already (from the previous overpayment), plus a new payment of £560.40 and an unpaid purchase of £561? What I would do here is first “log payment” -> “apply from credit” on the purchase, which will apply the 60p payment leaving £560.40 unpaid, then tag the £560.40 bank payment as “payment to a supplier”, “pay down multiple invoices”, enter the supplier name and it should show the £560.40 outstanding purchase which you can select to pay it off.

You have to use “pay down multiple invoices” for any case where you’re applying a payment that doesn’t exactly match the total of a single unpaid invoice - as well as one payment for multiple invoices this also means part payments for less than the full value of one invoice.

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