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Problem on receipt


Hello and I wish you Happy New Year :smiley: !
I paid yesterday for subscription. The problem is that on debit card appears both names. My company name and my personal name.
I wrote only my personal name and system accepted it.
So now your invoice issued to my name instead of my company name.
But the money took from my company bank account (company is the owner of card and I am responsible only for card this is why also my name appears on it).
So I can not register to company an invoice which is issued to my personal name.
Also if invoice was for my name, I don’t live in UK (appears my company address on details of card) but on Greece so the VAT should be 24% instead of 20%.
So is it possible for you to correct the invoice to be issued to my company name instead ? .
If not possible, other solution I think is to cancel the transaction and I repeat the payment with only my company name appear on details of payment.
Thank you !


Hi @Panos

I will send you a private message shortly to get some details from you.

Regarding the VAT, QuickFile is only suitable for UK based businesses, who would be charged VAT at 20%


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