Problem with pasting "," as thousands separator

Currently, when pasting numbers that have been formatted with a comma for thousands separator, Quickfile buckles and, when it works, only uses the number on the left of the separator (eg 5,123.00 gbp will become 5gbp).
Can you make it so the input boxes are capable of understanding that the above value would be 5123.00 instead?

Many thanks

Hi @guillaume.khw

What web browser are you using? I’ve just tried this in Google Chrome and it works fine.


Hi @QFMathew, I am using chrome. maybe it is in particular cells
to recreate:
Create an invoice in USD
Enter an amount.
at the bottom, mark the invoice as fully paid, but into a GBP account
A box below the USD box appears there to enter the value in GBP
When you try to paste a value with a comma separator, it fails.

I’m not sure how I can add a local video snapshot like @QFMathew did to show how this works

Thanks for the screenshot and details. I’ll raise this with our team.

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