Problem with receipt hub

I have read the explanation about documents missing from the receipt hub following the incident on 21st March. Does this mean that just the PDFs are not viewable or are there entries missing from the listing in the hub?

The files are, unfortunately, missing - not just ‘unviewable’.

Take a look here, as there are ways to try and get them relinked if you can reupload them:

Thanks, I may not have been clear in my question. I do understand that the scans no longer exist rather than just being unviewable. My concern when I look at my receipt hub is that I think the list of receipts there is missing some (not all) and I need to identify which are missing. Some of them were untagged so I assume they will appear nowhere in the general ledger database. Trailing through old emails will be of some help but some of them were sent via Camscanner and I tend to clear that our periodically.

Hello @WRP firstly I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We are committed to helping users get their receipts back. If it helps I can send you a list of those receipts no longer available? I can send them to your private email if you wish.

We can also discuss ways in which the receipts from CamScanner can be reintegrated and retagged to where they were before. We have some tools at our disposal to automate this process.

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Thanks Glenn, both the list and and the Camscanner tool would be really helpful. How can I send you my email address?

I’ve sent you a PM to confirm the account.

With regards to CamScanner, if you were using this to capture the receipts originally, how were you then transferring them to Quick File? By emailing them to or transferring to Dropbox?

email to

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