Problem with tagging two different client's invoices to one PaylPal payment

When multiple payments via PayPal are transferred to the bank account, and the bank statement is imported for tagging, I cannot find a way to tag two invoices to one PayPal payment from two different clients. I can tag two invoices from same client, but not different clients. Does anyone know how to do this?

When you’re paid by PayPal you need to represent your PayPal balance as a “merchant account” in QuickFile. The “payment from a customer” happens when they make the PayPal payment and you need to log these payments as coming into your “PayPal account” in QuickFile, then when you move the money from your PayPal balance to your current account you treat that simply as a bank transfer between accounts, it isn’t new money coming in.

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Further to what @ian_roberts has said, the following link will provide some more information about merchant accounts: Handling payments from merchant accounts

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Hi Ian, thanks for that reply. I will do that next time. Mike

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