Problems logging in here using Facebook

I’ve had a huge hassle signing into the help feature over the last week or two. I’ve always signed in with facebook but this function started returning an error. No luck with signing in with google either (can’t remember why) so started trying to set up a new user but constantly being told the email was not valid (tried a few). Gave up in the end and as I needed an issue sorting on my affinity account that I could not get help on, I actually set up a new set of account on Pandle as I had given up all hope of ever being able to contact you again (could not find a phone number either). Tried again today just out of curiosity to be told I already have an account with one of the emails I was trying the other day so did a password reset and it finally worked. Anyway, it’s working now (not the facebook login, that’s still not working) so I thought I would let you know the problem I’ve been having incase there is an issue you are unaware of.

Hi @GavRobBon

Thank you for letting us know! We’re not aware of any issues, but we’ll certainly look into this further.

We don’t offer telephone support to help maintain low prices for our users, but we’re available here on the forum for general support, or for login specific issues you can contact us through our website.

Did you receive any errors with the Facebook or Google login?

Hi Gavin,

I apologise for the problems you’ve had getting help.

Facebook have recently updated their APIs. We’ve now identified the issue and modified the settings to get things working again. I believe you have my colleagues email address, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or post them here, whichever is convenient.

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