Problems with creating new client


we have a new client who never registered with QF. However when we are registering him as a new user QF is telling us that his email is already registered. The client is assuring us that he never registered with QF before. Could you please check this out? Thank you.

email address is email removed

thank you

Have they tried the log in section on the main quick file page? This would inform them if they have any accounts.

I’ve just generated this for them, can you just let us know the outcome please?

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Hi! I have a quick question.
I have two conpanies in quickfile, let’s say company A and company mistake, I put all records and invoices for client from Company A to Company B. Is it possible to transfer all invoices from one to another?


Not without deleting and reallocating. Otherwise have you thought about just renaming the two clients?

It’s not clients
It’s suppliers
So, no chance to transfer?:frowning:

There’s no way to do this I’m afraid, not without deleting and retaging.

When you say “client”, are you an accountant and you have invoices entered to one QF account that should have been in another QF account?

I’m a Financial Manager

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