Problems with Gocardless

Hi there, I am trying to collect by Direct Debit an invoice of a client who has just setup the pre-authorization. The earlier date accepted by Quickfile is 01-09-2017. It does not allow me to enter any date prior to that. I have tested with other clients and also with other Quickfile account (from our other business) with the same result. I have checked with GoCardless, noting wrong on their side. Could you have a look at this please?

Looking again at this, I found that it is only possible to charge Direct Debits on GoCardless only between 1st September and 15 October. Any date after 15th October is grayed. The little arrows to move the calendar back and forward don’t work. Could you have a look at this as a matter of urgency please>

@IdaB - Our development team are looking into this now, and we’ll come back to you shortly.

@rudolph - I don’t believe your issue is related to the one @IdaB posted about, but I have also asked our team to look into this.

It is the same problem, both run different business from the same office. See the image uploaded showing the only dates accepted grayed up. It is not possible to select a date outside that.

@IdaB - I spoke to our development team, and it seems that this is the date being returned by GoCardless. Are there any restrictions that you’re aware of, on any of the mandates you have tried to collect from?

@rudolph - I believe there is a restriction on the collection date of 60 days from today. However, I’m waiting on confirmation.

If there were a restriction of 60 days from today we would not be able to collect anything until 16/10/17. In fact the greyed up dates are the only dates (from 01/09/17 to 15/10/17) when we can setup one-off payments at the moment via QF.

There is not such thing as a “restriction” in GoCardless. Mandates are either Active or Cancelled. If a mandate is Active Gocardless will accept charges on any date until the monthly limit of £5,000 is reached. The one-off payments that we could not collect via Quickfile now have been setup directly on GoCardless Dashboard without any issue. Moreover, all invoices created by recurring profiles in Quickfile are being processed in both our business as usual. Nothing like a “restriction”.

The issue reported affects only manual collection of invoices by Direct Debit. As it affects two different QF accounts (and two different Gocardless accounts) I would think that there is an API communication problem between Gocardless and your systems rather than a problem with the affected accounts.

Hello @IdaB, @rudolph

Can you please retry with the manual collection?

I apologise there was an issue with the incorrect “charge at date” being set on the popup modal. GoCardless are migrating their API at the moment, so we’re making a number of updates here to accommodate for these changes, due to activate later this month.

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