Processing refunds with Refund Holding Bank Account

Hi, when processing a refund is there a quick way of finding the date/amount rather than scrolling through a long list that seems to be in the order I tagged them rather than date order or value.

I import my paypal data, I have up to 30 sales a day and tag then all to the customer “paypal sale, see paypal for details” and put the buyers name and the paypal transaction number as the description, when i have to tag a refund or partial refund the amount of transactions I have to scroll through makes one refund take 5 minutes. but if they were in date order this would be simple.

Any ideas?

Thanks Gavin

You can create a new ‘Refund Holding Bank’ account, tag all refunds from the PayPal account as a transfer to the new holding account, then go to the client’s invoice you want to refund and from there refund the invoice to the new holding account.

The balance on the holding account should then be £0, once all the refunds have been processed to the holding account.

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