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Processing shopify sales without integration

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me find a work around for accounting for shopify sales. I don’t currently use zapier to integrate shopify so what I’ve done is:

  • Upload sales transactions via CSV using my business name as the client name and web sales in the description.

  • Created a supplier called shopify and intend to allocate the transaction fees as an expense to this account to reconcile the difference between the sales inputted and the amount received into my bank account

I have two questions in relation to this:

How do I then match the banking transaction to the sale? It doesn’t seem to automatically prompt a match like it does with a traditional supplier invoice, money received transaction?

I have integrated paypal so presumably I then need to match paypal merchant transactions to the shopify ones?

Thanks so much!

You can open another bank account and call it Shopify Merchant , tag sales receipt to it and transaction charges as well, then record bank transfers from this to your main bank account

In addition to fk, if you use auto PayPal feed you have to delete the transaction which are pulled in for your Shopify sale. Or you use your PayPal holding account to also record (manually) your Shopify seller fee. Whatever way you use, underneath the line should be the sum PayPal transfers to your current bank account. As fk mentioned, when you have the money on your current account tag it as transfer between accounts and choose the merchant/holding account.