Profit and Loss accounts

I set up my QF system by journal entries of account balances to Sept 18; these included the P&L sum brought forward from previous years which was entered into 3200 Profit and Loss account. At Oct 19, the year end balance sheet still shows this 3200 account figure (minus depreciations) together with the balance of the “P&L Account” (=P&L Return sheet figure). This is only a cosmetic issue, but is there any way of incorporating the 2 P&L accounts into one? It seems as if the 3200 figure will be carried forward indefinitely otherwise.

The P&L figure from previous years should probably go to “retained profit & undistributed reserves” rather than “P&L account” - that’s where the QuickFile year end process moves the P&L balance by default.

OK thanks. I have just discovered the Year End process and have solved my problem!

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