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Profit and Loss and invoice issue dates


My Apologies I am sure you are all very busy but I am in urgent need of assistance as I fear that unless amendments can be made to the configuration of my invoices I have no accounts to submit to my accountant next week.

The issue lies in the fact that the issue date of the invoice is not necessarily the time at which the money becomes ours as this is depicted by the date of booking.

As such I entered the booking date (and the time at which the money would become ours) under Invoice name so I would easily be able to see the date for reconciliation purposes.

The problem being that I need the P&L to link with the Invoice name date featured and not the issue date. I have no idea what I can do if you are not able to switch the data around as I have tagged payments etc and am really concerned I will not have time to do these again if I have to re-upload all the bookings.

PLEASE PLEASE could someone at least acknowledge that I am actually emailing someone as I have tried multiple methods for the last 5 hours and received no response - who may be able to respond even if you are too busy to look at it immediately as I am painfully aware that I am loosing time that I will need to be reverting to excel and starting again if I have messed it up and nothing can be changed.


You can export sales data to excel and if you have correct dates matching relevant invoice numbers then you can quickly match up things in excel i.e invoice number being common factor with correct invoice dates next to dates showing in QF, then manual journal can do the trick for they current year end


Many thanks for that - support are looking at my account to see if there is anything they can suggest. My issue lies in the fact that I had reconciled my merchant accounts to the invoices (the merchant accounts do not always have the invoice reference listed) and as such it will be this level of associated “tagging”/reconciliation which I am hopeful I will be able to export from the system.
If not as I imported my initial bookings from our booking system I can go back to square 1 on excel.
Thank you for responding it is very much appreciated!


HI my account was deleted and I would like it reinstated. Can you please help. 6131404235


@ooa09 - I will send you a private message to discuss this.


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