Profit and loss statement - Net Wages


On my profit and loss statement the salaries stop from June ? They should go up until September.
June previous say Net Wages Paid (Movement to P&L) ? The others dont.
Can anyone explain ?

Hi @evolve

This could be that they’ve been journalled to another nominal code (you can check this under Reports > Chart of Accounts).

It’s worth checking the COA anyway to see the movement on that specific nominal code.

If you could supply me with your account number, I’m happy to take a look and see if I can help further?

Quickfile account number


Hi @evolve

I can see the wages are currently posted to 2220, whereas before they were posted to 7003.

This is likely to be down to a settings change. Under Account Settings > Advanced Features, there’s an option to stop it posting to the P&L report.

Alternatively, you or your accountant can input your own payroll journals. You may need to do this to correct previous entries as the above option will only apply to new ones. If you’re unsure, I’d ask your accountant for advise (I’m not one).

I hope that helps