Profit & Loss Report - Can I use this report for cash basis accounting?

General Sales from Profit & Loss Report represent the value of the invoices issued or the value of payments for the invoices. Can I use this report for cash basis accounting? Thank you!

Hi @Vasile_Pascuta

The P&L report itself is accrual basis and can’t be changed. However, if you go to Reports >> All Reports, there’s an option there for a Periodic Update report.

This report was actually developed as part of MTD, to give you a bit of a taste of how things could look, but it can run a report for any period up to 3 months on cash basis.

Hi. QFMathew.
Thank you for your answer.
I understand there is no report for cash basis accounting, so I have to do it manually if I want to use cash basis? Unfortunately, I can’t find any Periodic Update in the Reports section, still, 3 months it will not be enough. :slight_smile:

Hi Vasile_Pascuta,
For the report QFMathew mentioned you have to click on Reports, a new page will open. Scroll down the whole page. The second option from the bottom is the Periotic Update

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Morning @Vasile_Pascuta

We now have a dedicated cash based profit and loss report for sole traders and partnerships. You can find out more here:

Generate a cash based Profit and Loss report

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