Profit & Loss report showing incorrect info


I’ve recently moved my accounts to Quickfile.

So far, I’ve entered all this years invoices & tagged my bank statements. When looking at the profit & loss report, this is showing incorrect info.

The total staff salaries paid is showing the amount as if it had only been paid once, when it has been paid 7 times (correctly shown & tagged on the bank statement).

Please can you help?

I’m looking at account ending ***7640. All I can see is one entry for £360 made against “NET Staff Salaries Paid”. Where on the bank are the other entries you refer to?


Are you by chance referring to your own proprietor drawings?


Thanks for your reply.

Looking at the HSBC account, there are wages out on 23/04/13, 28/05/13, 24/06/13, 23/07/13, 23/08/13, 23/09/13, 23/10/13, 25/11/13. These are not my own proprieter drawings as these are tagged seperately.


Looks like you’ve posted these to a balance sheet code rather than the P&L code.

If you go into the chart of accounts and expand the assets and liabilities header, those transactions are sitting under 2220. Be careful with payroll as there are two very similar codes. The 2220 code you have used is to show Net Wages on the payroll yet to be transferred. You can detag these items from the bank.

When you re-tag always use the specific option ‘Salary, dividend or other drawing’. Don’t use ‘Something else not on the list’.

Perfect, all sorted now. many thanks

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