Project adjustment clarification

I have a number of purchase invoices that are shared between client projects. So when i goto the project the profitability is wrong. For arguments sake I have received £100 from the client (paid), and my widgets purchase invoice is for £90, so this shows as £10 projected and cash profitability as both client. However the widgets need to be split between 3 clients, so £30 outgoings per client.

However when I use the adjustment feature and set the invoice and cash amounts to -60 it puts up my outgoing by £60 to £150, leaving me with a profitability of -£50. If I add in the adjustment of a positive balance it has the correct profitability of £70, but my money in is showing as £160.

is this correct, if I want to adjust a sales invoice I need to input a positive figure?

My biggest issue with this is that the totals on the overview are misleading, it shows higher incoming and outgoing numbers, ideally I would want the money in to show £100 and the money out to show £30.


I also forgot to ask about bulk adjustments. Some of my sales are split between 5 or more projects. Just wondering if I missed how to do that :slight_smile:

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