Project and receipts


I have setup a few projects and I select them in Receipt Hub. Sometimes, they are passed fine other times they don’t stay. I have not seen any specific patterns. Could you have a look at that?


Hi @cedev

We can certainly take a look at this for you. Would you be able to walk us through the steps to try and reproduce this issue please?

Is this when tagging just one document, or do you notice it when there are multiple (e.g. does it save for the first but not the rest?). Are there are any particular tags that you’ve noticed it with that you could share with us?


My process is:

  1. Upload a receipt
  2. Click on Tag Me!
  3. Enter amount
  4. Click on Create New Purchase
  5. Select currency
  6. Fill in the rest
  7. Check Paid in full
  8. Select account
  9. Click on Create New Purchase
    10a. Select bank transactions if existing
    10b. Click on Create New Purchase

There are no specific tags.

Thank you for your help.


I’ve tried this on a dummy account with a number of currencies, suppliers and tags, but it’s worked in every situation.

The only thing I can suggest at the moment is keeping an eye out for a specific tag and seeing if there is one that’s causing the issue.

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