Project reference not carry over from Purchase Orders to Purchase Invoices

when changing a Purchase Order to a Purchase Invoice the application does not carry across the Project codes - requiring me to re add the project code even though it was added to the Purchase Order -

this is only a minor issue with what is other than this a very good feature allowing me to track purchase orders to projects but I can see how it has and will lead to me missing purchase invoices from my project summaries. I had assumed that the project reference would have carried across, and it was only my own internal audit that picked up this problem early on.

I’ve switched this to a bug and logged it with an engineer. It should indeed carry across, so we’ll get that fixed.

We carried out a couple of test and they are getting carried over from the PO to the PI. The only scenario where they don’t get carried over is when you select the option “Let me Tweak First”. If you use the other option Auto-create purchase, then you can go into to modify the purchase after. Using this option the tags will get carried over.

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