Project Tag for Bank Tagging Rules


Would it be possible to add a project tag when setting up a bank tagging Rule.



Hi @Antony_Nicholas

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their vote.

We’ll keep you posted with any changes we make here.

This would be a really useful feature for managing gift aid - we tag invoices related to gifts and can then export them all at the end of the year. At present we have to remember to add the tag every time on all gifts every month

Any news on this? It would be really useful to be able to auto tag utility bills to specific property tags, and other things.

Hi @Antony_Nicholas

There are no updates here unfortunately. We will be sure to update this thread if there are any changes.

Ok np, thanks for the reply

I look forward to this being done.
Why dont the guys on this thread and others vote for this feature at the top of the page?


We’ve recently added an amount field for bank tagging rules allowing rules to match on specific transaction amounts.

We’ll look into project tags shortly.

We’re now supporting project tags for bank tagging rules. If you create or edit a rule for either a sales or purchase invoice you will now be able to append up to five project tags.

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