Project Tagging: Apportioning Purchase Invoices

I’ve successfully been using QF this year to assist the Treasurer in managing the finances of my local Cricket Club.

We have a number of events coming up in the Autumn/Winter which can broadly be described as Fundraising events e.g Club Annual Dinner, Fireworks Display, Quiz Nights, ‘Marshfest’ and so on. I have created a nominal account ‘Fundraising’ and intend to lump them all in there for ease rather than create separate nominals for each event.

I have started using Project tagging for the Annual Dinner income (ticket sales) and expenditure (so far, Disco!) to give us a quick overview of the profitability, or otherwise, of the Dinner as a fundraising event.

The problem will arise when one purchase invoice (e.g for marquee hire) relates to more than one event. For example, we will use the marquee for the Dinner for Marshfest the following day. To account for this we have, in the past, apportioned the expenditure between the events (not sure how this is done - Pro rata, based on numbers attending or gross gate receipts).

My question therefore is whether there is any way of apportioning a single purchase invoice to multiple project tags, or will I have to create separate purchase invoices based upon the apportioned amounts and tag them individually to the correct projects? I’d much prefer to do the former!

Many thanks for any ideas.


You can apply ad hoc “adjustments” to a project, so you could tag the purchase to one of them then work out the apportionment and apply a minus adjustment to that tag and a positive one to the other.

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