Project tags being copied with an invoice

I use ‘copy invoice’ to more quickly enter supplier invoices.
To my surprise when I ‘show tags’ the original project tags have also been copied across.
I had to carefully go back through and delete when they did not apply.
Is this a designed feature, in which case at least I know about it now, or is this an unexpected behaviour?

Hi @sjl

I’m not entirely sure on the answer if I’m honest, but I’d think it’s by design. The ‘copy’ feature (as you’ve discovered) takes all the details from the original invoice and carries them over to a new one.

I will however double check with a colleague and confirm this for you.

It is actually by design. Any project tags or payment restrictions will be duplicated with the invoice. I would suspect that other users would depend on this behaviour. I suppose we could introduce an account level setting to restrict this from happening, although would be good to see more support first.

In the mean time, these tags can be removed as soon as the invoice is copied from the preview screen.

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