Project tags removed when invoice is deleted

Small bug I noticed that I’m not likely to encounter again but thought worth flagging. I deleted a purchase invoice and then changed my mind and restored it again. Once restored, the project flag was missing.

Hello @pickthalld

I’ve asked a member of our development team to take a look at this, and will come back to you as soon as I’ve heard back.

However, I only managed to replicate this when deleting an invoice (e.g. add the tags, then delete the invoice). If I add tags to a deleted invoice and restore it, they seem to remain in place.

Is this the same for you?

Hi - yes that’s the sequence that I used. I didn’t try adding tags to a deleted invoice.

@pickthalld - I believe this should now be resolved. Would you mind giving it another go and letting us know if that works as expected please?

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